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Ongoing Conversations (part I)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

As part of our residency at O N C A Barge, we've been delighted to have conversations with local and international artists, curators, practitioners and others involved in the art sector.

Conversation with Silvia Calderoni (Bologna, Italy)

Silvia Calderoni - a freelance curator currently living in Bologna, Italy - talks about the importance of politically charged exhibitions in a traditionalist art sector, the benefits of curating work in festivals and the frustrations of working in creative industries.

Ashley Beachey - a queer artist based in Brighton, UK - tells us about the challenges of group exhibitions, the imminent struggles the art sector will face in a post-Brexit Britain, and the importance of spending time developing ones interests before making work.

Ashley Beachey at O N C A Barge

Aida El-Oweidy at O N C A Barge

Aida El-Oweidy - an animator, illustrator and embroiderer from Cairo, Egypt - speaks about the art funding situation in Egypt, developing a multi-media practice, and finding opportunities after graduation.

Conversation with Eri Ueno (Nagoya, Japan)

Eri Ueno combines painting and interviews to create work that at its core is about humanity. Living in Nagoya, Japan, Eri speaks about the difficulties of keeping an artist network after graduation, the shock of having people be interested in your work and the competitive nature of the art sector.

Keep following our blog to find out who else we have been talking to. Do not hesitate to comment on our blog about your own experiences as an artist/curator/practitioner, we would love to learn from as many people working in the arts as possible!

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