Letter No.1

March 2019

Dear fellow artists,

I’m sure that we’ve all heard this story, the one detailing the efforts of a hardworking artist that sees little to no results. To be frank things are tough. Funding opportunities within the arts and culture sector are dwindling and with that comes endless hours of voluntary work and an unsustainable competitive landscape. Now more than ever, artists must collaborate to find ways to maintain their practice by supporting each other. It is because of these struggles as artists that we have conceived this platform.

We are UnderExposed: a sustainable platform based in Brighton created by young artists aiming to showcase art in alternative spaces, exchange ideas and knowledge, and encourage collaboration. Our Exposed Letters are an outlet for anyone who wants to share their intimate experiences with the art world; whether political, personal, or practical.

If there is something you want to share or explore in our letters, please get in touch.

With the objective to undermine the hierarchical structures that dominate the art world, we have the intention to exhibit work in free and public spaces globally. Our website acts as an archive; storing photographs of all the exhibited work we receive. We aim to expand into a community of passionate creatives who’ll be recognised and work collectively to expose our work on our own terms.

Ricardo Reverón Blanco 

UnderExposed member

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